International Schools of Egypt

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt launches new university tuition fee program

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt has signed an agreement with the International Schools of Egypt (ISE) in Alexandria to provide tuition fee payment solutions for students and their parents.  The collaboration comes as part of the ISE initiative to provide differentiated options to parents and to help alleviate their financial burden in relation to higher education costs. 

Through the agreement, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt provide ISE students with the ability to install tuition fees for the upcoming school year over 12 months, without interest or administrative charges.  Earlier this year, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt launched an awareness campaign of its new program to cover upfront costs of university tuition fees up to US$ 31,832 (EGP 500,000) – the highest offer available to students in the country.

Mohamed El Gazzar, CEO and Country General Manager, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt, said, “We are keen to add value to Egyptian citizens’ quality of life and financial capabilities, particularly in view of the increasing economic pressures across the country – and indeed the world.  Our new agreement with ISE will provide an element of financial freedom and control so that parents can spread the cost of university tuition over one year rather than the demands of an upfront payment.  The agreement also provides them with access to finance a variety of consumer products, such as electronics, furniture and travel to visit their children, which are all additional costs associated with university education.”

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance - Egypt Company is one of the subsidiaries of Abdul Latif Jameel, which has a long history dating back more than 75 years, which makes it a great opportunity to benefit from the wide and comprehensive experience in managing its business in Egypt. We come with nearly 25 years of experience in the field of finance and financial expertise in the Egyptian market.