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Abdul Latif Jameel Finance

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt is a subsidiary company of Abdul Latif Jameel Business. This association brings to Abdul Latif Jameel Finance Egypt the business benefits of 75 years of deep roots, diversified businesses, broad and comprehensive expertise. Abdul Latif Jameel has been operating in Egypt through several companies. It started its operations in 1999 through the United International Trading Company and successfully expanded its business in the Egyptian market by acquiring a number of car agencies including Daihatsu, Hino, and Ford for cars and trucks. As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our Core Values


Empowerment is an essential component of our success. We empower our team by enabling them to access a wide range of opportunities to develop, make decisions and take up challenges. We empower our business partners by building strong relationships based on mutual trust, respect and honesty.


Improvement is key to sustainability and success. We relentlessly improve our services to exceed expectations. We provide new offerings, add new options and extend our networks to reach new markets and new customers. We simplify our processes, troubleshoot and solve problems to provide high quality services.


We strive to stay on top of the market trends by discovering customer needs, generating new ideas, and developing innovative offerings to improve people’s life quality.


Respect is the foundation of strong relationships. As a responsible business, we conduct our operations with integrity and honesty. We treat our stakeholders with dignity and respect to gain their trust and loyalty. We value and respect the interests, needs and contributions of our different business partners.

Act with Integrity

We are built upon the core value of integrity. We are committed to deal and communicate with our stakeholders with complete honesty, transparency and fairness. Upholding a high level of integrity enables us to gain stakeholders’ trust, advance and sustain our business.